Exports of Belarusian dairy products amounted to $ 1.1 billion

In January-June, Belarus sold $ 1.1 billion worth of dairy products abroad. This figure was named by the head of the main department of foreign economic activity of the Ministry of Agriculture, Alexei Bogdanov.

“The supply of dairy products increased by 12.6% in monetary terms. A total of $ 1.1 billion was sold. In weight terms, exports amounted to 1.15 million tons of dairy products,”  – he said at the press conference at the National Press Center.

According to Alexei Bogdanov, cheeses were the main driver of supply growth in the dairy sector. There are also some restrictions on supply of milk powder to Russia, so manufacturers have redirected raw milk to production of cheese and fresh milk products. This fits into the strategy of the Ministry of Agriculture, which is aimed at reduction of production of commodities and increase in  the output of finished dairy products, which directly go to stores.

Russian market brought Belarussians about a billion dollars. The main drivers are butter and cheeses. After last year’s bans, skimmed milk powder is gradually returning to the Russian market.
Alexey Bogdanov noted that this year export of dairy products outside CIS is declining. The price situation encourages Belarusian producers to increase supplies within CIS, where the cost of dairy products in the current season is higher than in the world markets.

On average, this year it was sold 6% more of dairy products than last year.


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