Cheesemakers are trying to increase prices for their products

The ongoing rise in prices of raw milk makes cheese makers to further increase prices for their products.  INFAGRO

In September, cheese sales slightly increased, but not enough to regularly increase prices and not take into account noticeable increase in imports of cheap European cheese.

In October, some large manufacturers plan to increase the wholesale price of traditional cheese by another 3% to a level of about 170 UAH/kg (price from distributor).  Even small operators try to sell their cheeses no cheaper than 150 UAH/kg.

This is a dangerous tactic, given that the cost of European cheese (Gouda / Edam) is 110 UAH/kg… With this approach, domestic cheese makers will definitely be giving up a significant market share to importers.

However, until recently, cheese production in Ukraine has grown.  Last month, there was produces 11.9 thousand tons of rennet cheeses (along with cheese products), 6% more compared to the previous month.  About 5.5 thousand tons of the total volume are cheese products.

In the near future, cheese production will get reduced as warehouses for unsold cheese have grown very noticeably.


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