Cheese imports to Ukraine break another record


Due to the high cost of raw milk the cost of cheese production remains high.  INFAGRO

Ukrainian cheese makers do not dare to increase the price of their product – there is too much supply of cheap imported cheese on the market.

But there comes Easter in a couple of weeks and a set of other holidays.  During this period, sales of cheese usually increase markedly.  Although sellers will not increase prices, they will try to minimize promotional discounts.

Exports of cheese products in the first quarter decreased by 12%.  Last month, 1.7 thousand tons of such products were exported from the country.  There is no reason to count on sales growth, prices are low, selling is unprofitable.  Exports of processed cheese products to Iraq are active.  In March, about 900 tons of this product were exported. In general, in the first quarter its sales increased almost fivefold.  At the same time in the first three months of the year imports of real processed cheese increased by a quarter, to 1.3 thousand tons.

Exports of real cheese last month rose to over 400 tons. But this figure is simply negligible in comparison with the volume of imports.  In March, 3.7 thousand tons of rennet cheese was brought to the country (hard / semi-hard – 1.8 thousand tons and 1.9 thousand tons of white cheeses).  This is an absolute monthly record for cheese imports in the entire history of Ukraine, and what is very sad, this record is unlikely to be the last.



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