Belarus increases export-floor prices

Belarusians continue to sell actively the products to Russia, even despite permanent complains of Federal Service for Veterinary and Phytosanitary Surveillance Rosselkhoznadzor to quality of Belarusian products.

According to inspection of Russian supervising department, antibiotics residues were found in milk at dairy plants of Belarus. Now the strengthened monitoring and in some cases restrictive measures can be applied to some plants.

At the same time, taking into account the today’s increased demand for milk, Russian officials will hardly strain the relations with the only exporter of cheap products.

Moreover, stocks in Belarus are declining, plants starts to work “against order”.

Therefore the fixed export-floor prices were lifted again in Belarus.

From October 22 the new protocol of export-floor prices (indicatives) for dairy products is in a force in Belarus. They are fixed at: RUB 155/kg for SMP, RUB 175/kg for WMP, RUB 195/kg for butter of 72.5% fat content, RUB 215/kg for 82.5% butter; RUB 240/kg for 45% cheese, RUB 245/kg for 50% cheese, free trade for whey powder and casein.

It is possible to forecast with confidence that it was not the last revision of indicative prices for Belarusian dairy products this year. Demand in Russia is not such active, as last years but someone have to supply food for 146 mio people. Belarus does this task with pleasure.

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