ALEXANDER ANTON, Secretary General of the European Dairy Association: Ukraine may take a significant niche in the global dairy market

At the DAIRY BUSINESS – 2019 conference in Kyiv, in a comment given to Latifundist, Alexander Anton, Secretary General of EDA, expressed opinion that Ukraine has all the necessary conditions to become one of the major players in the global dairy market.

“In Ukraine, it is necessary to create a competitive environment for milk producers.  This requires to build small family farms for 150-200 heads, which will be managed by well-trained farmers.  I don’t agree that we need to think about large enterprises with 15 thousand heads of dairy herds”, – said Alexander Anton.

According to Alexander Anton, small farms will supply sufficient volumes of high quality milk, so that the market price of the product approaches the cost of production.  However, he claims that a large number of dairy farms in Ukraine, which have less than 5 cows, cannot provide high-quality milk.

“As a result, such farms sell milk at a low price.  Of 10 million tons of milk, only 6.9 million tons are of the required quality, but this is not enough.  And only 4 million tons meet market requirements, and demand exceeds this volume”, – summed up the expert.

In his view, land reform will also help attract investment in dairy farming.

“I believe that with this approach, dairy production in Ukraine will be able to reach the world level in about 5-15 years,” said the Secretary General of the European Dairy Association.

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