Belarus: exports activity has weakened

After active exports operations in March,  the Belarusian export trade activity has considerably weakened. Russian market got stabilized and price agiotage died down.

At the Belarusian Universal Commodity Exchange the trade activity decreased as well. During last weeks only the contracts on milk powder were actively set.

The authorities decided to rise ndicatives in April, but only for cheeses, and only by 5 rubles.

Starting April 11 the fixed-floor prices were as follows: RUB 170/kg for SMP, RUB 200/kg for WMP, RUB 205/kg for butter of 72.5% fat content, RUB 235/kg for 82.5% butter; RUB 250/kg for 45% cheese, RUB 255/kg for 50% cheese, free trade for whey powder and casein.

This was possibly the last increase, as prices for commodity dairy products should fall in Russia and Belarus during next months.

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