VADYM CHAGAROVSKY, Board Chairman Dairy Union of Ukraine: Ukraine has an acute shortage of raw milk

According to official statistics, milk production in Ukraine is about 9 million tons, but we donot have such volume.  In fact, we have no more than 6 million tons. There has never been no such low production, processing and consumption of milk in Ukraine for last hundred of years. For example, in 1991-1995, we were ranked sixth in the world rating of milk production.  Today we are far from that.

Over the past year, dairy production decreased by 3%. Production of butter has reduced significantly, by 15%, casein and caseinates by 27%, whey powder by 17%.

 If we are talking about the development strategy, it is necessary to create a national program for the development of the dairy industry, which will consist of two sections – dairy farming and dairy processing.

One of the main strategic goals of development of the dairy industry until 2030 is introduction of changes in marketing strategies to produce competitive innovative products.

 There is also a need to modernize processing plants to increase energy efficiency, improve environmental standards and create a center for training specialists for the industry.

 In order to protect the domestic market, which includes joining efforts in fighting counterfeit, it is necessary to introduce «mirror» importquotas for dairy products from the EU and tariff quotas for dairy imports.

 To stop the decrease in milk production and the growth of dependence on imported dairy products, both milk producers and processors need to make joint efforts: conclude annual contracts between milk producers and processors with a projected price for raw milk by setting price limits and develop mechanisms for regulating imports.  In addition, we need to bring the basic indicators of raw milk to the European standards.

AVM, XIII International Dairy Congress

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