Ukrainian Fresh Dairy producers reduced own sales

Forecast of summer successes of producers of fresh milk products was mistaken. Surge of sales occurred only in May. Later the situation was changed.

It was not surprising, as additionally to reduction of deliveries to Crimea, many producers stopped deliveries to Lugansk and Donetsk regions. And as a whole the purchasing capacity of Ukrainian consumers is not high. The prices continue growing, and their incomes are at former level.

At the end of July leading producers offered in trade: 2.5% milk in cheap pouches at UAH 7.7-8.8/l, 2.5% kefir – at UAH 9.0-10.0/l, sour cream (15%) – at UAH 19-21/kg, curd (9%) – at UAH 43-47/kg.

Production of practically all fresh milk products was considerably reduced last month in the conditions of weakened consumer demand and loss of sales market.

Only a bit more than 40 ths t of  processed milk were produced last month (-7%). Production of fermented milk products made 38.7 ths t (-12%), curd products – 6.1 ths t (-11%). Almost all leading manufacturers reduced production. Decline was the most notable on the east of the country, for clear reasons.

As a whole the figures of the first half of the year was not good. Production of milk remained at last year’s level – about 266 ths t, production of curds was 1% lower at 41 ths t, production of fermented milk products was reduced by 7% to 237 ths t.


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