Ukraine: Production of cheese products has dropped by one third

Ukrainian producers of cheese products have lost the opportunity to sell their produce in previous volumes. Now they are trying to increase production of real cheese. – INFAGRO

Thus, competition in the domestic market, which has been greatly suffering from the dominance of imported, relatively inexpensive products, is intensifying.

As a result, to keep sales, in spring cheese makers are forced to noticeably reduce prices. Despite the expected increase in consumer demand for Easter holidays, in April many cheese makers reduced prices for distributors fir traditional cheeses to 140-150 UAH/kg. In sales actions the price can be noticeably lower.

Production statistics show the problems of Ukrainian cheese makers. According to Infagro estimates, in the first quarter the output of semi-solid cheese products decreased by about a third, to 14 thousand tons. But production of real rennet cheese increased by 5%, to 19 thousand tons.

The decline in production of cheese products (down to 3.4 thousand tons) and the growth in production of real cheeses (up to 6.8 thousand tons) in the past month were especially noticeable.

The difference in the production of cheese products and rennet cheese will further increase due to reduction of cheese products manufacturing.


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