Quality Cheese in Russia became unavailable for the majority of buyers

Prices for hard cheeses continue to break the records in Russia. Neither increase of own production, nor decrease of consumer demand stop their growth. 

Prices for domestic and Belarusian cheeses have increased by 5-10% for two weeks.

In the end of November prices for traditional products of Russian and Belarusian origin are already at RUB 260-290/kg in large wholesale, cheeses of well-known brands – at RUB 290-390/kg.

Share of products with European names: Edam, Parmesan, Tilsiter, Mozzarella is increasing in list of branded cheeses of Russian manufacture. Knowing “weakness” of Belarusian border, it is possible to believe that some of products are really made in the EU.

There are still offers of the products from Baltic States, Germany, the Netherlands. The prices for them are high: Edam and Maasdam are valued at RUB 480-490/kg. Tilsiter from Germany is valued at RUB 310-320/kg for some reasons (at nearly the same level as Tilsiter of Russian origin). Maybe not all of it is from Germany?

Prices for hard cheeses will increase till New Year in Russia. Later the situation will depend on consumer possibilities. Even renewal of full import (which is improbable) will not be able to essentially reduce the price anymore, because of ruble devaluation.

Source: infagro.com.ua

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