Loostdorf dairy: European approach is to dump the purified water

October 10, 2019, Loostdorf dairy launched the wastewater treatment facilities. This is an important and ambitious project aimed at the introduction of European practices of responsible resource consumption and environmental concerns into modern Ukrainian realities.

Today industrial wastewater treatment is a topical issue.  Loostdorf dairy became the first among Ukrainian dairy enterprises to create treatment facilities near the plant located in the city of Ilyintsy, Vinnitsa region.  These wastewater stations purify two million liters of water per day, which is comparable in volume to five filled school pools.

USD 6.5 million were invested in this project, its implementation lasted for six years.  The best European experts on wastewater treatment technology were involved in the project fullfilment. The development of technology and equipment supply was carried out by German company Hager Elsasser GmbH. Polish company WaWaTech was directly involved in the launch of the facilities.

The treatment station area is 7.3 thousand square meters, and thanksre to the automation of many processes only 8 employees are involved in the stable operation of the facilities.  The result of such processing are purе water, which is sent to reservoirs, biogas, which provides the energy needs of the treatment facilities and mineral fertilizers.  The volume of biogas produced is about 1.2 thousand cubic meters per day, and mineral fertilizers 2-3 cubic meters.  The laboratory tests show, that the wastewater that undergoes the purification process transforms into the water which is purer than the natural ponds it is directed to.


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