Import of dairy products in Russia decreased by several times

A month has already passed since Russia imposed food sanctions. It is clear that no one has profited from these sanctions, except dairy producers of Belarus and some countries of South America.

European countries have felt influence of Russian ban. Not without reason the August FAO Dairy Price Index dropped 11.2% from July, and reached minimal level since September 2010. Polish, Baltic and Ukrainian producers suffered the most.

At the same time Russian consumers were considerably hit by the ban also. Traders and trading networks were not able to reorient to alternative external suppliers for short period of time.

Import (excluding deliveries from Belarus) was considerably reduced. Import of milk powder declined to 0.9 ths tonnes last month (the volume was at 5.3 ths tonnes in August 2013). Import of cheeses was decreased to 6.5 ths tonnes (28 ths tonnes were imported in August 2013).

Only Byelorussians can boast of good sales, but they do not sell at low prices.


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