Cheese market – 2017


In the last three years Ukrainian cheese-making industry has undergone cardinal changes. Because of the geopolitical and economic crisis, cheese production, exports and even internal sales of cheese has reduced drastically. Ukrainian producers have not found new, alternative markets to substitute the market of Russia, and seems that in the coming years there will not be much progress in this search. This means that Ukrainian cheese exports will remain insignificant. The resumption of normal trade relations with Russian Federation is hardly possible in the next couple of years.

Therefore, Ukrainian cheese-makers should now focus primarily on the domestic market. In the current circumstances, it is necessary to get one step ahead of competitors, because not all of the current market operators will be capable to continue working in the next year.

Nevertheless, the crisis is not endless. In the long term, Ukrainians will definitely increase consumption of cheese. Any war also ends. Politics sometimes does not keep up with business. One day even the delivery of cheese to Russia will resume. But such expectations are not justified right now. Domestic cheese-makers should withstand the hardships and do their best to stay on the market.

Our new research presented in the “Cheese market-2017” report will make the search for solutions to urgent problems easier.

Main topics covered by the report:

• Manufacturing
• Consumption
• Trade characteristics
• Export – Import
• Price trends
• Characteristics of the world cheese market
• Detailed analysis of the markets of importing countries
• Market peculiarities in the countries of the Customs Union
• Conclusions, recommendations

The report contains 161 figures (diagrams, graphs and maps), 28 tables and the detailed analysis of the information contained therein, as well as forecasts for further market development.

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