By the current market model, a hectare of land will cost $ 2,000 – Solsky

Mykola Solsky, Chairman of the Agrarian Committee of Verkhovna Rada, says that limiting admission of legal entities to the land market till 2024 means that 1 ha of land will cost $ 2 thousand instead of $ 4-5 thousand.

“A million times I have asked the associations who fought for the phased introduction of the land market, why we should limit the admission of legal entities to the market until 2024.  They did not give reasoned and clear answers”, – Solsky explains.

However, in fact, such a model of launching the land market has the risks that land tenants will buy land for less money and landowners will receive less money.  “At the same time, landowners listen to political parties that intimidate them with myths and  tenants who rent the land and who are interested in renting it cheaply.  The interest of tenants is clear.  Under such a model, 1 ha will cost $2 thousand instead of $4–5 thousand if legal entities were full market participants”, – the Committee chairman explains.

However, according to Mykola Solsky, admission of legal entities to purchase land is a political issue.  “We had to make such political changes to pass the bill.  The bill passed reassured most MPs and associations”, – the official added.

Full interview with Mykola Solsky (in Ukrainian):

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