Not going to stick our heads in the sand

The double ascent to L’Alpe d’Huez made the roadside hordes doubly frenzied. It was as though someone had scooped up an entire outdoor music festival with hundreds of thousands of people, tents, barbecues, colors, smells, noise, outdoor toilets and all and scattered them across the mountain. The riders cleaved through curtains of people screaming and running alongside them.

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Salter, D. Charlton, G. Unsworth.. The Bulldogs are led by two seniors who are hitting their stride. Point guard Marissa Jones has had double digit assists in a few games and for forward Chyna Anthony, double doubles have become the norm”When kids become seniors, they just step up their game and want to go out on top,” Geron said. “I don’t think that’s any different for our seniors.

Currently the No. 18 is being worn by defenseman Cam Barker, who I just learned on Sunday at the Superskills contest actually exists. He got arms and everything. Fos lrn’ ___jj___j visited a property in tneri a union release said day. Mr. Justice Fox’s yester practice.

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