Where most of Ukrainian dairy exports went in June


Analysis of Ukrainian dairy exports carried out in June shows that there are buyers of Ukrainian dairy products whose share in exports of a certain product exceeds 50%. – INFAGRO

For example, according to June data, 50% of fresh dairy products exports (17% less than in May) was directed to Moldova.

Belarus bought 51% of Ukraine’s exports of cheese and cheese products (25% in May).

Poland purchased 54% of total casein exports in June (3% less than May purchases).

59% of dry whey exports volume was shipped to China, an increase of 9% compared with the previous month.

Algeria can be considered as a champion with its 71% of WMP exports in June. In May, the largest volume of WMP (30%) was sent to Armenia, and Algeria was not even on the list of buyers with the product’s exports share of more than 10%.



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