Ukraine: fresh dairy products will become more expensive


Despite quite weak sales in the first half of the summer, producers of fresh dairy products are actively involved in the “raw milk race” raising the purchase price of milk. – INFAGRO

It seems that by the steady price increase of their products,  dairies have already got a certain margin of financial strength, since the market has not yet seen a strong price increase.

At the end of July, fresh dairy products were sold by dairies at the following prices:

2.5% milk in cheap package (pouches) – 15-18 UAH/l
Kefir 2.5% – 17.5-19.5 UAH/l
Sour cream 15% – 45-48 UAH/kg
Cottage cheese 9% – 70-90 UAH/kg

There is a trend of gradual but steady price increase of fresh dairy products, and it will continue at least until the start of the new season, because raw milk will continue to rise in price and, apparently, fast enough.

Last month, compared with May, production of liquid milk decreased by 10%, down to 35 thousand tons, sour-milk products by 4%, down to 34 thousand tons, and cottage cheese by 13%.

In July, there was no dramatic increase in sales of fresh dairy products. Some improvement is expected in the second half of August. Although the joy due to this improvement may be overshadowed by the raw mill price increase.


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