Ukraine: cheese sales are seasonally lower

Ukrainian cheese market shows certain stability, but, unfortunately, one cannot say that this is a good stability. – INFAGRO

The problem of cheese products sales is not being solved, warehouses are full, the terms of the stored products are expiring and traders have to sell the products for a song. Even to Kazakhstan some operators are selling cheese at 1,700 USD/ton. There is almost no hope for the renewal of export schemes through Belarus. In the domestic market small producers already sell cheese products at 55 UAH/kg.

For good quality real cheeses, the situation is certainly not that bad, but operators say that even large discounts do not allow to save the level of sales volumes. Sales are decreasing due to the seasonal factors.

In the near future production of cheese and especially cheese products in Ukraine will noticeably decrease.

But last month production of rennet cheeses (real ones) even grew a little, up to 8 thousand tons (according to official statistics 8.8 thousand tons).

According to INFAGRO estimates, in April production volume of semi-hard cheese products decreased by approximately 10% to about 5.8 thousand tonnes. In June, the decrease will be more significant and in July production may drop to 3 thousand tons.


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