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ANDRIY YARMAK, economist FAO (TCIN): compliments and greetings to dairy farmers and processors

In 2018, those Ukrainian professional milk producers who were unable to increase production efficiency became 14.1% poorer. This assessment takes into account only losses from changes in feed prices and lower prices for milk – these are the two factors we use to calculate the Ukrainian Milk Index (UMI). But in 2018 UMI is by […]

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LYUDMYLA KRYVOKHAT’KO, Deputy Director Infagro, Analyst: How the prospects of the global dairy market look like at the beginning of the year

Although after a fairly long lull in the world dairy market some recovery can be observed, it is still too early to talk about fundamental changes. In Oceania, where production is still seasonally active now, prices have strengthened. But this happened not because of improvement of the market situation, but because of the expected worse […]

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MUSTAPHA KADHEM KHAFADJI, Deputy Vice President of Al-Khafadji Group: on the opportunities of Ukrainian dairy exports to Iraq

We got interested in Ukrainian milk exports to the market of Iraq almost a year and a half ago. We studied the options of Ukrainian dairy products supply to Iraq, met with one of the dairy companies, held negotiations. It turned out that there was a problem with packaging. I mean that Ukrainian dairies do […]

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