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ROLAND SOSSNA, editor Dairy Industry Magazine: The limits of growth. The big players will become fellow actors

Speaking in May at this year’s Dairy Industry Newsletter conference in London, lFCN-boss Torsten Hemme said that most milk production growth will be from local production, destined for local consumption. But yet, the world’s milk market keeps on growing on the background of an increasing global milk production. Over the past 20 years, worldwide milk […]

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MICHAEL MISHCHENKO, Director of the Dairy Market Research Center: In Germany the state is not engaged in introducing traceability in dairy business

After visiting German farm owned by brothers of Torsten Hemme, well known analyst and IFCN Managing Director, Mikhail Mishchenko shared his impressions on First of all, there is no anything like Russian “Mercury” traceability system there.  In Germany, they have not heard about introducing traceability by the state. There is no such thing and […]

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