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NATALIA VEREMCHUK, Marketing Director of Loostdorf Dairy: on the plant-based milk and the prospects of non-dairy alternatives

Infagro: When Loostdorf was planning production of the “Ideal Nemoloko”, were you concerning the consequences, the threat of the adversely impact the image of Loostdorf, which is known for high quality of its dairy products? Or, on the contrary, did you think that the launch of production of a non-dairy product by dairy company would […]

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ROBERT SCHORSIJ, Managing Director Greenmark Dairy: how much did the EU intervention of the dairy surpluses cost?

EU Intervention, 22 Jan, 2019 tender saw 18,514 mt sold at a minimum price of € 1,585. -/mt, leaving only 3,651.-/mt for the next tender #32 on 5th February. It has, after all, been a relatively swift exercise to sell the product back to the market. Last week when asked for comment, EU’s Agri Commissioner […]

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ANDRIY YARMAK, economist FAO (TCIN): compliments and greetings to dairy farmers and processors

In 2018, those Ukrainian professional milk producers who were unable to increase production efficiency became 14.1% poorer. This assessment takes into account only losses from changes in feed prices and lower prices for milk – these are the two factors we use to calculate the Ukrainian Milk Index (UMI). But in 2018 UMI is by […]

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