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VADYM CHAGAROVSKY, Board Chairman Dairy Union of Ukraine: Why the situation on Ukrainian dairy market is now better than it was last year

Speaking at the DAIRY BUSINESS-2018 conference on November 15 in Kyiv, Vadym Chagarovsky expressed shared his thoughts on general situation on Ukrainian dairy market. He also analyzed the reasons why the situation on the dairy market is now better than last year. Why do we have a better dairy market this year? The first reason […]

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ROLAND SOSSNA, Editor International Dairy Magazine: If all works fine, we will soon have 300 million tons more of milk

IFCN, the International Farm Comparison Network, has recently issued a very positive fore­cast for the future of the global dairy industry The organisation is positive that growth in demand will outstrip that of milk supply which. in turn, will strengthen the current positive level of farm gate milk prices Currently, the global milk price that […]

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MAXYM FASTEYEV, Lead Analyst Infagro: on the ratings of top world dairies

In July, Rabobank published its list of top 20 global dairy companies ranking them by turnover. The IFCN network specializing in milk production analysis data ranks dairy processors not by revenue, but by the volume of milk collection (although the turnover data is also analysed). It is interesting to compare these ratings.       […]

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